Oregonians for Student Success is a statewide campaign to fully fund schools so they have the resources needed to help our children succeed.

The campaign is supported by a coalition that includes the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) joined by students, parents, teachers and others who care about the future of our children and our state.

OSBA, founded in 1946, is a non-profit member services organization that helps locally elected volunteers fulfill their complex and critical public education roles as school board members. Through legislative advocacy at state and federal levels, board leadership training, employee management assistance and policy, legal and financial services, OSBA helps 1,400 members represent the 197 school districts and more than 580,000 students in Oregon.

OSBA and members of Oregonians for Student Success are committed to seeing our students provided with every possible resource so they can thrive. School calendars are too short and too many of our kids are falling behind. It’s time for state leaders to take action and the 2019 Legislature is the time to do it.

The 2018 Quality Education Model released in August of 2018 estimates that Oregon needs to spend $10.7 billion in 2019-21 for a K-12 system to meet our state’s education goals. That would require $2.5 billion more than what Oregon invested in its 2017-2019 State School Fund.

This is why it’s critical that the 2019 Legislature take dramatic action to fully fund our schools.

To learn more about the issues facing our children and how a legislative committee is offering a path to a solution, watch “A Time to Listen,” produced by the Oregon School Boards Association:


You can help make sure Oregon schools have adequate funding today and in the future.

Join our statewide campaign to secure more dollars for every classroom.