Oregon’s four-year high school graduation rate is 77 percent. That’s improved over the past four years, particularly among African-Americans and Latino students. But we can do better.

Educators in school districts across the state say they’ve been able to boost graduation by taking steps that include creating school cultures and systems that help adults show students they care about them, and creating workable ways for students who fall behind to catch up.

There’s more our schools can do, but not if they lack the resources to make it happen.

Our schools need more tools to battle chronic absenteeism. We have one of the shortest school years in the nation and some of the most crowded classrooms.

We need to do more to support counseling programs and hands-on learning opportunities, including career and technical education. All of this will keep our kids in school and empower their success.

It’s time for Oregonians to advocate for more school funding to finally ensure our students get the support they need and deserve.

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